Safe Loading Ramps Are No Accident

One Reason
Oxlite Is America's Favorite Ramp Brand


Known for our superior workmanship,
Oxlite has long been America's
Sweetheart Ramp Brand. Why?
Because we take your safety seriously, as do our Dealers. Our ramps are not just computer tested for safety, but physically as well. We push every new product we make to its breaking point
 to insure its load rating is accurate. There are many design elements
 ranging from hinges to alloys and
 every thing in between that affect the strength of a ramp. You can always be assured, our ramps WILL do what we say. While loading ramps certainly make life physically easier and make YOU more mobile, most folks do not even consider the dangers loading equipment can present. We do, so that you don't have to. We have been in the business of making ramps for 26 years and along the way something miraculous happened, we became experts. Our ramps are not back engineered nor are they counterfeits or hybrids. They are originals and don't
 just look good on the outside, it's through and through. In some brands,
is only skin deep.

Why buy Oxlite?  It's elemental...we set the benchmark for quality loading ramps 26 ago and we're still at it.  You are safe in our world and on our ramps.

In the Dealer Spotlight!

Enumclaw Susuki
408 Roosevelt Ave.
Enumclaw Washington 98022

You won't find our products in discount stores. You will only find them in fine quality Powersports Dealerships, Lawn & Garden Centers, and Automotive Accessory Shops. We proudly boast that our dealership network are some of the finest in the country and abroad. Our dealers and distributors understand the importancy of quality loading ramps and will sell nothing less to their customers. That is because they too, have your best interest and safety in mind. Next time you are in your favorite powersports dealership,lawn & garden center, or automotive shop, look for the Oxlite Brand of Ramps. If they don't carry them, ask them to. Alternatively, you may also order them from us right here at our
E-store.Oxlite warranties all of its ramps against manufacturer's defects for a life time.